Kasese is one of 56 districts in Uganda .  It is situated at an approximate altitude of 912 m . at Lake Edward and 5110 m at the top of Rewenzori mountains. It has the characteristics of the savannah type of climate. Moreover, as one move away from the giant Rewenzori Mountains , the vegetation ranges from afro-alpine type to short, savannah grass. 

533 000 people live here –The main town and administrative headquarter is Kasese and the main trading centres are Kilembe, Katwe,Bwera and Hima.

About 88% Christians, comprising Roman Catholics 45 %, Protestants 35%, Pentecostal 8 %. Muslims about 12 %

Additional Information:
Kasese district has both agricultural and industrial potential. Agricultural production is high, owing to the rich soils and the reliable rainfall. Most of the agricultural products from Kasese are sold at markets in centres in the region and in Kampala District.

The copper smelter and Hima Cement Factory are found in Kasese district.