The medical system in Katwe has a health centre III, which provide curative, preventive and maternity services. Unfortunately, the centre has little equipment.

The Health Centre has five qualified staff members, one medical assistant, one T.B and leprosy supervisor, one enrolled nurse, one enrolled midwife and a laboratory assistant. We also have three nursing assistants, one sweeper and one traditional birth attendant. This is giving a total of ten staffs.

Different diseases:
At a the health centre OPD ( Out Patient Department) different kinds of diseases are treated: This can be simple malaria, which is common, diarrhoea diseases, respiratory tract infection,  including tuberculosis, common cold cough and pneumonia, sexually transmitted diseases and supply septrine prophylaxis to HIV patients.

Different kind of services:

  • Preventive services
  • Family planning services
  • School health  (Youth friendly services)  
  • Health education. 
  • Maternal services during pregnancy
  • HIV counselling and testing

  • Delivery services are offered. In case of complications where the mother must be escorted to hospital.  In OPD health centre complicated cases are referred to hospital, though most people can not afford charges for transport.