Katwe enclave is surrounded by savannah vegetation within Queen E. N. Park in the western arm of the east Africa Rift Valley. In the far western Uganda .

Most variety of the flora in savannah habitat around Katwe are acacia Hoki, giant cactus species like Euphorbia Candelabrum and Trucalis. Historic looking Opuntia Vulgaris to mention but a few plus prominent savannah grassland.

Hippos live in Katwe, around lake Edward.

Among other animals, especially herbivorous species like African elephants, African buffalos, antelopes like, water bucks, Ugandan cobs e.t.c use Lake Edward , Munyanyange seasional crater lake as their source of water to drink.

Birdlife in Katwe is the most wildlife spectacular ever enjoyed with a proximately half of 1012 bird specie checklist recorded in Queen E.N. Park .

Water bird species like Lesser Flamingoes, great white pelicans, Pied Avocets, hundreds of Lesser Black Bucked seagulls, Gull Billed Turns, Little Egrets, Yellow and Saddle Billed Stork, Egyptian Goose, Mursh and Curlew Sandpipers etc, make a wonderful gliding conspicuous flight during roosting time to some bird sanctuaries like the prominent Munyanyange with 32 recorded water bird specie checklist ( Migrant Waders).

Enjoy sporadic upslurd musical calls of birds imitating other birds calls!

Like White Browed Robbin Chats, Black Headed Gonoleks, Long Tailed Starlings , African Hoopoes, Winding , Zitting, Desert Cisticolas rocketing in  air accompanied by wing snapping sounds that sometimes someone feels recommendable overwhelmed by joy of wild wonders of Africa!

Most water bird species which migrates from Europe and within Africa , that is to say paleartic and intra-African Migrants, find their stop over and roosting area in Katwe.

August to December migration birds are attracted by rainy season and sometimes also appearing in January and February.

Interestingly, people of Katwe enjoy fishing on Lake Edward which stretches to D.R.Congo. The lake habitats about 13 species of fish including Tilopia, Cat fish, Clarias, Buglas and Babas to mention a few. The activity attracts various traders who come from neighboring villages such as Kinymaseke, Kisinga, Bwera and sometimes others come from D.R.Congo.

Visit Katwe   Salt Lake , one of the oldest industries in Africa . It has geographical features like well arranged sedimentary rocks, volcanic plugs with basolt rocks, a thaloid since the Salt Crater Lake was formed by vulcanicity processes.

Hundreds of tourists come to Katwe and visit the Salt Lake , see how people mine different types of natural salt, beautiful crystal clear saline or brine water from it scenic view spillover.

Katwe Tourist Information Center has birding specialists and field guides who will highly hospitably welcome tourists to all touristic destinations around Katwe.