Fishing is one of the most economic activities of Katwe. They catch various species of fish from Lake Edward which they share with Congo and the national park. The main species are Tilapia, Mudfish, Lungfish, Catfish etc. They use small boats and fish nets.

The major challenge at the minute is that there seems to be less fish due to extensive fishing especially in Congo where there are no regulation to control the fishing. This is now a big challenge to Katwe community and the businessmen (fish mongers) as an ordinary day for a Katwe person is to go out early, buy fish from fishermen and then sell it to businessmen who take it as far as Bwera, Kinyamaseke, Kasindi market( Congo ) and Kisinga.

A fish now cost almost 1 dollar at the landing site and moreover this is the staple food for Katwe people eaten with bread (bundu/akalo from cassava/millet flour.

This makes a situation which increases illegal fishing (undersized fish) which is affordable. There are very many vehicles from Bwera every morning that struggle to get the small fish they catch.

Fishermen also have challenges like hippopotamus who threaten their lives. At least one person die from their attacks annually.