Nursery schools
There are three nursery schools which are privately owned. Aunt Angelina nursery school, the oldest, was later joined by Catholic Parish nursery which is about 7 years old. In 2006 Kevina also opened up a nursery school.

Primary schools
The four primary schools, all government aided, has a total of 1200 pupils and 36 teachers.

There are enough primary schools in Katwe, however, their condition need to be improved for instance by installing electricity and many other things in order to catch up with the rest of the world. There is clean water available, nevertheless, its supply is not always available and needs to be brought nearer the classes

There are still some children who don’t attend schools. Many have family problems that can involve looking for food. Orphans spend most of their time working in the salt lake and the fishing sites and cotton sites. Others look after small brothers and sisters when the parents are at work. Therefore “Save the children” (UNICEF) at the end of 2006 started providing the Alternative Learning Programme (ALP) which offers children to come and attend classes in the afternoon. This project is doing well and is being conducted in Katwe Primary School and Katwe Quran School There is a hope now for the disadvantaged children, - especially with the introduction of universal secondary Education

All the primary school receives UPE funds to run schools, but the fund is not adequate.

Katwe Primary:
Katwe Primary is the oldest which was built by the king of Toro in 1952. Its former name was Kasagama Primary school when Kasese district was controlled by Toro Kingdom . The school has 5 old classes and six staff quarters. Recently, the school facilitation grant built  4 new classrooms. The school has the highest population of about 570 pupils managed by 12 teachers and apart from normal class room they do handwork, music drama and dance games and sports.

Katwe Quran School :
The second largest school is Katwe Quran School . That is a Muslim founded school with about 400 pupils and 12 teachers just near the landing site. It also has new buildings in addition to the old classrooms and they do the same activities as Katwe Primary.

Katwe Boarding:
Katwe Boarding was founded by Walter, an Adventist. There are 300 pupils and 10 teachers. The school has 7 classrooms. There are no staff houses at the school. The school is about 100m from Lake Edward . It is called Katwe Boarding, but it is no longer a boarding and booming school as it was before being taken over by the government.

Jabez School :
Another school is Jabez primary school. This is a quiet and small school with about 200 pupils. It has only five classes. It has been operating in old houses, but in 2006 the school was relocated to a new building constructed by School Facilitation grant and the town council. The school also lack staff houses.

Secondary school
The secondary school in Katwe, with only o- level, was last year been taken up by government, relieving the council with teacher’s salary and some funding. Now with the introduction of universal secondary education the school is likely to improve its enrolment. Some children who could not make it to secondary can now access secondary education. The school needs more infrastructures to cater for creative subjects like laboratory, library, teachers` houses and enough classrooms, although the council is currently putting up a multipurpose hall. If the school can accommodate boarding students it can get more children from other places and this can help give it a boost.

Other schools
The technical institute is also a blessing to Katwe. It brings students from various surrounding districts offering subjects like brick lying, electrical, carpentry and joinery etc this institute boosts transport, shops and encourage children around to strive for better future. However, it has no good infra structures and more importantly it has no accommodation facilities.

There is also a wildlife training institute in Katwe. This institute brings students from various parts of the country to Katwe for their studies of recent. The institute has been re-located to its new buildings from the UDC junior quarters. This is one of the ways we can help to develop Katwe.